Recovery Room fraudsters remain at large preying on the victims of investment scam companies that have entered liquidation. We have worked with the Financial Conduct Authority to produce the attached infogram to further support our warning.

In the matter of Bordeaux Fine Wines Limited we have previously issued the following warning. However fraudsters don't have to impersonate the liquidator, they will devise various reasons why they are calling you claiming they can refund your money, sell your investment or release it. The redflag is always the need for some kind of upfront payment to be sent to them.

Recovery Room Scam Warning – Important Notice

Fraudsters are cold calling creditors claiming to act for the Liquidator. We have been made aware that a number of investors have been approached by parties purporting to work for Grant Thornton UK LLP in an attempt to extract money with the promise to then release their wine or to pay a dividend. 

Please be aware the Liquidator will never ask for a tax or fee to release the wine or instruct a third party to do so.