Fraudsters are masquerading as legitimate companies purporting to have been instructed by Grant Thornton to sell portfolios of wine that have been discovered following a liquidation process. Such companies are cold calling their victims and producing forged letters on mocked up Grant Thornton headed paper to try to add credibility to their scam as well as using legitimate investment company details on their fake websites. These websites look glossy and at first glance could be mistaken as real.

A ‘company’ calling itself Alpha Financial has been cold calling victims of previous scams to seek an upfront fee or deposit to release supposed funds held by them giving the assurance this is with Grant Thornton’s authority. This is a scam and fraudsters are using these tactics to try to extract further money from victims.

David Ingram a partner in the Insolvency Team at Grant Thornton has been appointed as liquidator over a number of high profile wine investment scams and has commented.

“These fraudsters continue to prey on the hopes of victims that their lost investment can be returned. These fraudsters can call out of the blue some years after the original scam has taken place which can add further confusion to the victim. I urge anyone contacted out of the blue like this or following a cold call to put the phone down and not engage with these people or pay any money upfront.”

Alpha Financial Markets Consulting plc is a legitimate company offering management consultancy services only and is not involved.