The press attention into the class action against Facebook & Cambridge Analytica could see a wave of scams being set up to target Facebook users into thinking their data has been compromised in either this instance or in a fake scenario. Such scams could offer assurances of how to join a class action or seek compensation. Remember these types of scams have one main goal and that's to part you from your money. An upfront fee may be requested to check to see if someone has been a 'victim' or a fee/deposit needed to join a fictitious action group. 

Ensure you stay one step ahead of any would be scammers and do your research! There are many articles explaining how to check to see if you were affected by the Cambridge Analytica data breach directly through Facebook as well as articles such as this disclosing details of a class action. 

Always be cautious of a cold call/email/pop up and always check the legitimacy of any company you believe you are dealing with. 

With protecting your personal data being such a hot topic at the moment make sure you protect your wallet too!