Social Media is a wash with 'dates of birth' and other personal details. 

A pension Group Phoenix have reportedly found many of us are still too free with our personal data. They say information is power to fraudsters and the fact a fraudster can gain information gradually to build a profile version of you to either scam you or impersonate you may be hard to comprehend but should be a wake up call. 

Any reliance or thoughts that a bank will bail you out is clearly worrying. With efforts by support agencies, the government and private sector to safeguard and alert people to scams the individual must not be casual in their attitude to safeguarding their personal information. We should all consider what personal information is available in the public domain and take the steps necessary to remedy, such as removing that date of birth from a social media account.

Why not ask a friend or colleague to search online for you and see if they can work out your date of birth, mother's maiden name, address, first school you attended or pets name. You may be a little shocked with what they find!