How many of us are guilty of using the same password for several accounts or devices? It always seems a pain to me to come up with the next password and remember it. We should be conscious to work out a password plan that works for us. That extra bit of effort could go along way to protect our savings and identity. If you can't remember a new password there are normally mechanisms that are quick to offer a reset option so why not try to break that habit and try a new one. 

This article also talks about sharing too much information on social media. I often see date of births mentioned on open Facebook pages and friends lists showing they are connect to their parents. It wouldn't take much for a fraudster to find a mother's maiden name. 

Asking for your mother's maiden name still seems to be a security question of choice by many businesses but that is actually a fact that can be easily found. I much prefer 'what was the name of your first pet' there must be some great names out there that a fraudster just would not know! Roy the rabbit, Pickles the hamster, Goldie the fish etc