Good summary of recent findings by the SEC from our friends at Taylor Wessing although I wonder whether the awards made by the SEC now exceed $200 million given that Bradley Birkenfeld got $104 million in 2012.

There has been much debate between professionals as to the appropriateness of rewarding whistleblowers.  Its supporters point out that many (possibly most) whistleblowers are unable to continue to work in their organisation once they have blown the whistle, so need to be compensated for this, but to the level of a lottery win?  

As ever the attitude in the UK is very different to that in the US.

I've heard Bradley Birkenfeld speak at conferences and hope to catch up with him again when he is in London in November; he certainly speaks his mind.  I guess that he speaks at such events because he has a real passion for promoting the ethos of whistleblowing; he certainly doesn't speak for the appearance fee.