It was recently pointed out to me how easy it would be to find out who my friends/family members were with some careful online 'hunting'. 

Here are some areas to consider when tightening your own security:

Google your name, then name and town and then name and place where you work. You may be surprised with what comes up.

If you use Facebook did you know you may need to set each profile picture you upload as private. It is not automatic.

Hide your friends list on Facebook. You may be online savvy but your friends may give you away from their posts/pictures.

If you have a charity page comments from donations may give away family members and where you live. If your page mentions a friend a fraudster could 'hunt' the friend to find their way to you. 

Google your parents. They may be on a local sports/charity board and their membership maybe published online that could lead to you.

Always remember when securing your online details you also need to consider your family and friends online activity.