This article highlights how fraudsters are exploiting the names of legitimate businesses for their own goal.

Victims of scams such as wine investment still need to be vigilant and wary of cold calls. A recent case of Bordeaux Fine Wines Limited in liquidation with Grant Thornton UK LLP has seen the creditors targeted with promises that their wine has been located and a buyer found. These fraudsters in some cases claim they are acting for the liquidator in an attempt to bring legitimacy to their call. 

The Liquidator David Ingram has previously advised creditors that these companies do not act on his behalf and that he has no intention of ever appointing a third party to act.

Victims need to be aware that once they are known to a scam company their details are often sold and shared with other fraudsters. The phone calls will keep coming and pressure tactics applied to pay a 'release' fee. The advice below should be followed. 

If you are bitten once, be twice as shy.